When I Cheated With Your Boss

Okay, this is harder than I thought to confess but I promised you the truth. You’re the only man I love, but not my only lover.

Dilana Rose
6 min readJan 27, 2022


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Do you remember your office Christmas party the year before last?

I didn’t want to go because of your boss. Each time he saw me, either at the office or even playing tennis, he’d undress me with his eyes before leaning in for the double-cheek kiss that would always catch the side of my lips. The way he’d rub his hands over my ass should have been illegal.

That’s not why I wanted to avoid him at the Christmas party.

I liked his attention.

When he walked into a room, immediately owning it and everyone in it, I wanted to be the woman by his side. When he kissed my cheek, I wanted him to kiss me everywhere. When he grabbed my ass, I wanted to spread my legs.

I never wanted to cheat with your boss, but you insisted I needed to attend the party.

You insisted I wear the cute little red dress with the mid-thigh, soft skirt with my white long boots. You wanted me to make an impression, so I did.

When Tom Hawley greeted us at the door to his home, you didn’t notice anything different. You didn’t see how his eyes drank me in, you didn’t notice the way he escorted me around the room, introducing me to your co-workers with his arm around my waist. His arm, not yours.

When he turned on the charm, I couldn’t resist.

That’s not completely true. I didn’t want to resist.

I saw a side of your boss that made me want to know more. When he invited me to his study, I thought he was showing me a painting.

The painting was lovely, exquisite. No museum catalog could do it justice.

He said I was more beautiful than any painting, that my eyes held him captive and he’d spent nights trying to forget me between the legs of other women.

I wanted to kiss him, even cupped my hand to his cheek, loving how the rough stubble grated my palm. But the way he looked at me, took my breath away.



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