Watching 2 Women But They Can’t See Me

If they didn’t want me to watch, they should have gotten a room.

Dilana Rose
4 min readFeb 17, 2024


Photo by Fernando Favero: https://www.pexels.com/photo/grayscale-photography-of-two-woman-kissing-813534/

I’m a red-blooded male, and of course, two hot women kissing up a storm is gonna turn me on.

Of course, I’m gonna watch.

I saw them hook up at the bar. The redhead with a Marilyn Monroe figure had been swatting away male attention for most of the night. I would have tried my luck, but after too many beers, I didn’t want to waste drinking time going after a woman out of my league.

But even a blind man would have noticed the change in energy when Miss Brunette, wearing tight as fuck black leather biker pants and a matching halter-neck top walked up and offered to buy Miss Redhead a drink.

At first, I thought they were friends who planned to meet up. But then, there were long, seductive looks and far too much lip-licking to be friends catching up.

Well, fuck me.

With no one to talk to other than the barman who seemed equally interested in the women and ensuring I paid my tab, I watched.

The subtle brush of Miss Brunette’s fingers along Miss Redhead’s arm, fingertips almost brushing against her breasts. The way both hips angled together as if they couldn’t wait to hump. Then, while Miss Brunette hand-fed fucking ice cubes to Miss Redhead, the bar drew silent, waiting for a fragment of ice to drop and melt between her tits.

I had all the porn fantasies lined up to draw on in my imagination. Watching the real thing could only let me down.

Or could it?

Miss Brunette motioned for the bill and Miss Redhead laughed and plumped up her tits, pushing them up until her cleavage was all I could see. I’d hand over all my organs and most of my limbs to watch Miss Brunette’s long, thin, sweaty body get tangled up with Miss Redhead’s curves.

I didn’t mean to follow them.

But I did.

And here I was.

Outside and across the road from the bar, watching two women make out only meters away against an old Ford truck.



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