Surprising My Wife And Her Bull

Just because I said they could, doesn’t mean I thought they would.

Dilana Rose
5 min readJun 5, 2023


Photo by Maria Helena Mazuroski:

In the two weeks since I’d agreed to my best friend taking my wife as a hotwife, things had changed.

My best friend couldn’t look me in the eye, and my wife had a glow about her. It was as if she was floating through each day in a bubble of happiness.

I hadn’t put that smile on her face.

Yeah, we’d had sex each day. Good sex. She still sucked my balls in the way no other woman could and did that thing with her tongue that had me willing to sign over all my organs and cash without a second thought.

But I could tell, it hadn’t been mind-blowing for her. She made the right noises, said the right words, but we’d lost something.

As a potential client tried to back me into a corner in negotiations, I considered my priorities and made my decision.

“Thank you for your time,” I said, cutting the potential client off mid-sentence. “You came to me because I’m the best security analyst in the business. If you want the best, it costs. You have my offer and it’s the best you’ll get for the service you want.”



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