Reclaimed By My Jealous Husband

“You smell like him.” While my husband waited at home, I’d been filled by another man. Now, it was time to be reclaimed.

Dilana Rose
5 min readFeb 8, 2024


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“You smell like him.” My husband met me at our front door in his flannel shirt and boxers. To other women, he wasn’t much to look at. But to me, he was my king awaiting the return of his troops.

Or, in this case, my stag husband awaiting the return of his slut hotwife.

“You smell like a man who needs to cum.” I said, prepared to drop to my knees right here and to hell what the neighbors thought.

Except, he held me up by my chin, rotating my face as if to inspect me for damage. “Did he please you?”

“Yes.” I would only give my husband details if he asked. It would be enough for him to search my body for the promised love bite. It had become our private game. I had to encourage each bull to leave one mark — but not anywhere obvious. They thought I’d be punished if my husband found it.

I knew differently.

I knew my husband wouldn’t let me cum until he found my lover’s mark. Until then, he would be demanding, unleash his jealousy, and punish me for the joy of being…



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