Reclaimed By My Husband — Watched By My Bull

After a night being tag-teamed, I longed for my husband’s touch. I got more than I expected, but no less than I deserved.

Dilana Rose
8 min readJan 31
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If I’d met Harry first, there might not have been a William.

Harry was every woman’s bad boy — broken childhood spent bouncing between foster homes until he found friends who got creative with numbers and built his own fortune. By the time police knew his name, he could afford the right lawyers and had the right friends to make the evidence disappear.

He would have been my perfect weakness, if I’d met him first.

But I’d met and married William. Twice my age, he had more homes around the world than I owned shoes. I’d been waitressing in Ibiza and he’d escaped a friend’s party. Two days later we were married and I was still coming to terms with my husband and his friends.

William loved to share me. He loved to watch my body be adored by his friends. He turned me into his hotwife and I’d never been happier.

I loved the way he welcomed me back into his arms, after I’d been his friends’ to use.

I loved the way he washed their cum away.

I loved the way he kissed over every bite and bruise they left behind.

Last night, he’d sat back and watched his newest two interns tag-team me until we’d collapsed into an exhausted heap. They were young and had more stamina than William’s friends, but I’d been starved of cock for two days in anticipation. I’d taken everything they had to give, until they acknowledged my husband as their king for being able to marry and satisfy a woman like me.

My husband was my king. He was my everything and after a good night’s sleep and breakfast, I was ready for his reclaiming.

I did not expect to see Harry in our living room with bedroom eyes mentally removing my thin wrap.

“Darling?” I turned to William, needing his answer and permission. Perhaps our hotwife night had been extended. “Why is Harry here?”



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