My Wife Is A Brat

My wife is a brat and I need to start treating her like one — one slap at a time.

Dilana Rose
10 min readJun 2
Photo by Maria Helena Mazuroski:

If you want Krissie’s point of view first, read Being Spanked Saved My Marriage:

There. I said it. My wife was a brat and I needed to do something about it.

After I walked in on my best friend spanking his wife for buying the wrong type of apples, Todd explained how disciplining his wife had saved their marriage.

Spanking? I didn’t understand it, but I’d also never be able to look at our gym equipment in his garage again without thinking about his wife bent over the bench, her ass in the air, and his red handprints on her butt.

Krissie’s ass would look better, I’d immediately thought before readjusting my erection.

“You’ve just got to find a reason to do it the first time,” Todd said, leading me back into the house and offering me a bottle of chilled water. “Then, I promise you, she’ll purposely do things just so you’ll spank her.”

“Sophie likes you hitting her?” I couldn’t understand any woman wanting to be hit.

“Sophie loves being spanked.” Todd corrected. “I don’t hit her out of anger. I don’t even hit her. I spank her so she feels the deliciousness of pain, but knows I do it with love.”

“She loves it when you hit her?” I still didn’t understand.

“She loves being disciplined by the man who loves her,” Sophie walked back into the kitchen and immediately sat on her husband’s lap and pressed his face towards her tits. “I knew exactly what I was doing. I was a brat, and Todd spanked me.”

“If you hadn’t walked in on us, I’d have done a lot more than spank her.” Todd wrapped his arms around his wife and I felt all shades of jealousy. Theirs was a marriage of loving glances and, according to my wife, of hot and regular sex.



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