My Wicked Man Is An Older Professor

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Dilana Rose
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AK: What turns you on in a man?

Z: Confidence

Z: Intelligence

Z: Sense of humor

AK: And when he touches you? How do you want to feel?

Z: Alive

AK: We should meet.

Z: Why?

AK: Because I’ve already decided you are going to be my daughter’s favorite babysitter.

Z: I charge 5x normal hourly rate with a minimum 5-hour call-out fee

AK: I’m more interested in what happens after your babysitting duties are over.

AK: Aren’t you at least a little bit curious?

AK: I got your number from somewhere

AK: I’m mid-30s, professional and most women find me attractive

Z: Why me?

AK: You’re confident and intelligent. I want to know if you have a sense of humor

AK: I want to make you feel alive

Four hours before we planned to meet, I canceled on her.

The lecture theatre was almost full as I prepared to walk out and face my fans — otherwise known as my students.

I needed the thrill of the chase. I needed the thrill of risking my career and reputation on a forbidden affair with the one student I couldn’t stop thinking about — Zoe Fox.

She would be worth it.

I pretended to sort through my slides while searching the rows until I found her, sitting with a friend in the middle of my true economics students. Did she mean to sit away from the rest of my fan girls? Did she know how she stood out amidst students who were dressed for comfort and not to impress?

I could almost feel the way her body would writhe beneath me. My balls filled and cock twitched as I thought of all the ways I would twist her to my pleasure, all the ways I would satisfy her in ways her other clients couldn’t even dream.

I craved the confusion in her eyes when she realized the face behind AK.

I knew why she was in my class.

It was time to let her know I was the only client she needed and to hell with the consequences.

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