If Sex Sells, Why Aren’t I Making Money?

If a social media brand is the sum of all content, then content must be managed to fit the brand. So, where does sex fit in?

Dilana Rose
4 min readFeb 19, 2024


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It used to be if you wanted to sell shampoo, you had a naked woman under the shower. If you wanted to sell a car, you had a sexy woman on the bonnet. If you wanted to sell cow manure, you had a sexy woman in lingerie shoveling the shit.

Okay, I might have exaggerated, a little.

Sex is beautiful. The illusion and fantasy of sex are beautiful.

The reality of legal and consensual sex is beautiful.

So, why is it getting increasingly difficult to make money when sex is the product — or at least sex on a page is the product?

Twelve months ago, writing and publishing short erotic fiction on places like Medium was fun. I’d literally wake up, write whatever turned me on, hit publish, and a few dollars would come my way. I saw it as a win-win. I put a smile on the faces of readers, and in return, Medium would help pay my rent which would make me smile.


I still love to write.

I still love to make readers smile.

I still love writing about sexual fantasies and allowing readers a snippet inside my head, heart, and soul.

But, it’s getting harder to be seen.

You’ll see misspelled words everywhere from TikTok, to FaceBook, on Insta, and in blogs. They are misspelled on purpose — because censors run by algorithms don’t want the social pain of being called out as promoting sex to minors.

Books on big online stores are placed in the dungeon for the crime of showing a little side boob or man nipple. Shocking, I know. The rules aren’t clear and are unequally enforced. For every book you see in the top 100 called, “Daddy’s Little Slut” showing a young girl in lingerie, there are thousands of books with “Daddy”, “Slut”, or “Sexy” in their title or blurb either banned, author account canceled, or hidden in the dungeon where no one will find them.



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