I’d Never Fucked On A First Date … but this isn’t a date

I’d always been a good girl, until the night I decided to go wild

Dilana Rose
7 min readFeb 18, 2024


Photo by Nicolle Kreisch:

My football team was playing a grudge match and watching it home alone seemed like the ultimate in pathetic single-girl moves. At home, I’d have excellent surround sound, but no atmosphere.

I wanted atmosphere.

When I walked into the sports bar, decked out in team merch that cost almost as much as a week’s rent, the crowd adopted me as one of their own. I fit in. The barman didn’t see a shy girl trying to get attention but had a beer poured before I’d even looked at the wine menu.

For one night, I could belong.

I screamed as my team scored, and accidentally spilled my drink over the guy standing next to me.

“Watch it,” he said, turning around in anger, which disappeared as soon as he saw me. His eyes slowly traveled from my eyes, down my body, stopping a moment on my boobs, and continued all the way to my toes before coming back to my eyes.

The crowd seemed to go silent. No music, no football, no anything. We were alone in a crowded bar and I felt each nerve in my body come alive.

“Take it off,” he said, motioning to my jersey.

“What? No.”

“Take it off.” He picked up a jug of beer from the tall table and motioned to pour it over me. “If you want to go home in a dry jersey, take it off.”

What? Was he serious? I only wore my cheap bra under the jersey. I could pretend it was a bikini top, but who was I kidding? Then again, who would care? We were in a crowded bar with people either focused on the game or getting wasted.

As seductively as I could manage, I pulled off my jersey and tied the sleeves together around my waist. It wasn’t my sexiest look, but he wasn’t looking lower than my tits.

“Good girl,” he growled, setting the jug down and leering at me in a way that I should hate. Every part of my upbringing told me to get the hell out of here. So, why were my feet frozen in place?



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