First Time Hotwife Nerves

It wasn’t just the sex that had me nervous, it was the man my husband had found for me.

Dilana Rose
3 min readMay 28
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I never expected to be nervous meeting a new man, but this wasn’t going to be just any man. My husband had found me a bull.

We’d spent the last two months talking about it. At times I agreed and my husband backed away. At other times, he tried to convince me that it would make us stronger when I feared it would tear us apart.

Yesterday, we’d both agreed and my husband had sent me to a hotel near our home so he could make it happen.

My husband wanted to watch me be kissed by and have sex with another man.

He promised he would still love me.

He promised it wouldn’t change a thing. I would still be his wife, and it wasn’t cheating if he set it up.

He promised this would be the start of a new lifestyle for us, one where I could have all the cock I wanted as long as my husband could watch.

He asked me to trust him, and I only agreed because I had nothing to lose.

I heard the swipe of the card and the hotel suite door opened. My husband smiled, but the next man needed no introduction.

His kisses were familiar. His hands knew exactly where to go and when he lay me back onto the hotel bed, I looked over to my husband for a sign he hadn’t changed his mind.

“I love you. We need this,” he said and I gave into the man my husband had given to me.

His cock was as perfect as I remembered and as he rubbed me a climax, I momentarily forgot why we’d broken up. He was the perfect lover. He fucked me like a champion, bringing me to pleasure before deciding to find his own.



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