Daddy’s Best Friend Is My First

I’ve waited all my life for this man.

Dilana Rose
9 min readFeb 21, 2024


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I shouldn’t have answered my daddy’s phone, but he’d left it in his office and when I saw the name, I couldn’t resist.

“Hello, Mr Garrick, it’s Charlotte.”

“Oh, Charlotte, how many times do I have to tell you to call me, Patrick.”

“How many times do I have to ask you to call me?” I let my words hang there, full of sexual intent. Boys had been hitting on me since my boobs grew to be more than a handful, but I never wanted my first time to be with a boy.

And of all the men I knew — teachers, coaches, random men who turn up to the house for their important meetings with daddy — only one man made me want to know what it felt like to be a real woman.

Patrick Garrick was my daddy’s closest friend. He would have been my godfather if he believed in religion. Instead, he was the man who stopped looking at me when other men started. He was the one who gave me a designer handbag for my 18th birthday with a cryptic card.

All you need to see the world.

I didn’t need to see the world. I only wanted to see him, to feel him, to know what it felt like to have a hard cock inside me. With courage fueled by stolen whiskey, and with daddy unexpectedly called away, this was my chance.

“Um …” His voice wavered, but he didn’t hang up. He didn’t press me to get daddy.

“It’s easy,” I said, lowering my voice to what I hoped sounded grown up and seductive. “You dial my number and when I answer, you call me your Charlette, or Charli and I’ll call you Patrick, or Ric.”

“If I did … if I called you, how would that even work?”

Finally. My hand went straight between my legs, needing to stimulate myself so I didn’t lose my nerve. A girl only had her virginity until she gave it away and it was a big decision.

Would it be better with a boy who didn’t care I was inexperienced, or a man who knew what to do?

Not just any man … Patrick.



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