Caught On Camera — Confessions of a Cheating Wife — Clarise #1

I’d been a bad wife. I’d been a bad girl. I deserved to be punished.

Dilana Rose
7 min readMay 27
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“Ready for movie night?” My husband asked, patting the sofa seat next to him. “I’ve made the popcorn and the dishes are in the dishwasher.”

I should have been suspicious when he suggested I had a leisurely bath while he cleaned up after dinner.

It wasn’t my birthday.

It wasn’t our anniversary.

Actually, there had been times recently when I thought we wouldn’t make it to our next anniversary.

“Thank you,” I said, kissing him lightly on the cheek as I snuggled next to him. I wore one of his old flannel shirts over a pair of white briefs and his hands automatically wrapped around my hips, finding and playing with the elastic.

I tried to feel something. I loved my husband but there hadn’t been any spark between us for months. Not since I’d…


I refused to disrespect my husband by thinking about his brother when I should be thinking sexy thoughts that would end up with my husband naked and panting on top of me.

“What are we watching?” I looked up into the eyes I still loved, but no longer lusted.

Usually, when it came to movies or tv shows, we had a discussion before agreeing to something that neither of us wanted. I was happy to let Mitch choose. It had been weeks since we’d made time just to relax curled up either in bed or on the sofa. He’d been busy and I’d felt guilty because of …


Mitch smiled and patted my knee in a way that felt condescending but maybe I just wanted to be pissed off so I could stop feeling guilty. “You might call it reality tv, or a reality check.”



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