Being Spanked Saved My Marriage

My husband had always called me his brat, but it wasn’t until the credit card company canceled my cards that he decided I needed to learn discipline.

Dilana Rose
10 min readMay 30


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“How on earth did you fill three cards?” My husband fumed, tossing his phone toward me so I could see the cumulative cost of my recent shopping spree.

“To be fair, you love me in lingerie.” He also loved to joke I could never wear the same piece twice.

“I wouldn’t have torn it off you if I knew how much it cost.” He flicked to another bill. “What the hell was that?”

“You loved that couples’ massage we had at our weekend away.”

“You said it came as part of the package. You never told me it was the honeymoon package that cost three times the original quote.”

I smiled and stroked his arm, but he brushed me away to point to another bill.

“You never complained about my spending, before.”

“I told you we needed to be careful.”

“Which is why I kept to my limits. I just got carried away, once.”

I’d paid one credit card with a cash advance from another card which meant my secret debt collapsed like a house of cards.

“I’m done.” He stood up and I’d never seen his face look like thunder, before. He’d only ever been disappointed and easily distracted by my boobs or sex. This time, he grabbed his phone, wallet, and keys. “I’m not going to work sixty-hour weeks just so you can spend it all in an afternoon.”

“I’m sorry.” He’d always indulged me. He’d always forgiven me.

No matter what I did, I couldn’t stop him from leaving and I’d never felt the sort of pain that came with watching his car pull out of the driveway and tear down the street.



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