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My first time in a sex club and I was the star of the show

Grayson had tucked my torn panties into his trouser pocket and my gold bandage dress had more hand prints than a walk of fame.

My body may be temporarily satisfied and in a climax coma, but my night had just begun.

I lay across the platform suspended hip high above…


I’d never been worshipped by so many hands.

A one-night membership to the exclusive sex-club cost more than my monthly rent but Grayson handed his card over without question. I’d never been to a place like this before. Was sex expected? Or just encouraged? Did I have to watch or perform?

With a protective arm around my waist…


I love the way he convinces me to do what I want.

“Have you ever been to a sex club?” Grayson asked as we lay naked in bed. His children were asleep in their own wing of his new home and my babysitting duties ended the minute Grayson returned from a Board meeting.

“We had sex in the nightclub a couple of…


“Let me love you,” he said with the tenderness I thought we’d lost. “One night, let me love you the way you deserve.”

He watched me walk through what had been our home for the last time. Most of my boxes had been collected. There hadn’t been a need to return, and I hadn’t expected him to be here when I did.

“For what it’s worth, I’m sorry.” His words should have done…

I struggle with anxiety and depression (and literally lost a job today because of that and other health issues).

I get it. For every person who can treat medical conditions with diet, exercise and happy thoughts, there is someone who is not wanting to take the meds they need.

I'm so proud of you. I'll be cheering you on from the sidelines.


His body needs no introduction. His ego can’t be tamed. His cock should be weaponized.

I’d stayed under his radar. Keeping out of his way and out of the path of all the giggling women who wanted a piece of him. I didn’t need that kind of cocky in my life.

I didn’t need his kind of complications.

But, as it turns out, I didn’t…


His bedroom lights go out and mine go on at the same time each night.

He’s cute, in a never get the courage to speak to you in public but I like to watch you masturbate kind of way.

Sometimes, I see him at the local coffee shop when I’m buying my soy-milk, decaf, mochaccino.

He drinks an almond milk mochaccino. I know because the…


Revenge on my cheating spouse is going to be sweet. Especially if his friends can make me cum.

I’d lost my virginity on my wedding night and kept my marriage vows for the six years I thought my marriage meant something. My chastity had meant something to my husband, and I’d never challenged his thinking.

I thought he’d been the same, loyal, loving partner that he’d expected me…


Crix may have been my fantasy, but I’ve become his obsession. Who am I to complain when he can play a woman as effortlessly as he plays a crowd.

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ANON: I want you to come on tour with me.

No name attached and the phone number didn’t register with anyone in my contacts. I knew all my clients. I vetted my clients. This wasn’t a client. I never respond to…


Who said babysitting had to be boring? Romancing the line between lust and love as I pay my way through college.

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