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Do you remember your office Christmas party the year before last?

I didn’t want to go because of your boss. Each time he saw me, either at the office or even playing tennis, he’d undress me with his eyes before leaning in for the double-cheek kiss that would always catch…


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They say never to go to sleep on an argument.

But you did.

You left me to sweep up the broken plates and glasses. You left me to cry over an argument that started because I’d forgotten to post a birthday parcel for your mother. It escalated, as it always…


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I hadn’t wanted to go back for my high school reunion. But you’d insisted it would give me closure.

I’d walked into the auditorium full of fake confidence and wearing my fuck you white leather pants with lace insert down the side, and matching halter neck top. I wore my…

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The first time I cheated was with your best friend.

Do you remember when Chad had stayed with us after his marriage imploded? Do you remember we’d been arguing about your long hours and how I hadn’t understood?

Do you remember going away to Perth for a week? I hadn’t…


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After working me into a sweat with yard work in the morning, the sexy AF gardener, Leif, had sent me inside to have a relaxing bath. Now, he was singing outside my bathroom window as I stripped out of my yard clothes and tested the water temperature. I liked stepping…


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My husband will never be able to satisfy me. And when his cock has been caged for two days, the only way he’ll get the key is by watching me spread my legs and open my mouth for his friends.

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Part 1: PJ might be the first to take me to dinner, but he’s my entre and dessert.

Part 2: When I met Bohm, I still had boundaries. But can he make me scream his name?

Part 3: Finn was every man my husband couldn’t be, maybe even too much.

Part 4: There are rules and there are consequences. My husband must pay the price, but I’m not complaining.

Part 5: Every good husband deserves a reward, but will his friend be prepared to share?

Part 6: I could smell but not touch. I could hear, but not see. Being denied his touch was more excruciating than being denied sight.


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“Why here?” I asked my husband as he escorted me past the bouncers and into BLAST, the hottest nightclub in Sydney. “Why couldn’t we meet him somewhere more private?”

“Byron owns this place and a couple of others.”

“So, fucking his friend’s wife isn’t enough? He wants to get into…



“This is insane,” I held the black mask out to my husband, threatening to either throw it at him or drop it. “I’m not wearing that.”

“It’s his request.” Caleb stood, arms crossed at his chest, feet shoulder-width apart and the bulge in his pants couldn’t hide the metal rims…


Who said babysitting had to be boring? Romancing the line between lust and love as I pay my way through college.

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